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Sandwiches for Lunch Nearby

Looking to locate that perfect sandwich shop? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to find the lunch locale that will impress your out-of-town guests or just want to branch out from your same old stop, we have you covered with the sandwich joint that will satisfy the experience you’re looking for.

Sandwiches have long been a lunchtime favorite. Simple, creative, and easily transportable, it’s no wonder that half of all Americans eat a sandwich every day. Not all sandwiches are created equal, though, and not all restaurants offer the same experience. While some people just want to find a lunch that will stave off the hunger pangs, we understand that for many, lunch is not just about the food but about the experience that best fits your needs. To help with that, we’ve gathered listings of the top sandwich places near you by category so you can easily find the best match for the lunch you’re looking for. Don’t waste your time searching—find the best restaurant quickly and go!

Rather have something fast? We know that some days, time is the most important factor. You can also search for the closest sandwich joint near you if you’re looking for that quick fix.

Organic and Vegetarian Sandwiches

Eating clean can be hard, especially when going out. There was a time when dining out meant not knowing what was going into your body. Luckily, the organic trend is growing, and many restaurants offer customers creative, delicious food with ingredients they can be happy about. You can even find healthy fast food! Discover the perfect, clean-eating sandwich restaurant near you.

Likewise, vegetarian and vegan restaurants offer customers a meal they can both enjoy and trust. Even non-vegetarian restaurants can offer selections for vegetarian or vegan visitors. If you’re looking for a place that caters to your dietary needs, explore nearby vegetarian-friendly restaurants to find the best sandwich for you.

Sandwich Delivery

Do you have a short lunch break? Don’t let the driving get you down. If you’re craving that ideal sandwich to get you through the afternoon, look no further than delivery. More places than ever are offering delivery, and you can even find third-party services that will deliver food right to your door for you. If delivery is what you need, find places near you that offer the most reliable, fastest delivery to fit into that lunch break.

Budget-friendly Lunch Options

Lunch doesn’t have to break your bank account. While restaurants usually offer cheaper lunch prices than you’ll find at dinner, the rates can still be steeper than you’re looking for. So whether you’re watching the wallet or treating some friends, find the best sandwich shops in your area with the lowest prices here. Some shops even offer daily specials, and you can explore to find when your go-to sandwich is on sale.

Create-your-own Sandwiches

Not enthused by all the add-ons at traditional sandwich shops? Get exactly what you want when you visit a create-your-own sandwich shop. This is a popular option, considering Subway has on average opened more than two restaurants every day since they’ve opened. Aside from the typical chains, branch out and find what independent, create-your-own sandwich shops serve your area. You never know what you’ll discover!

Family-friendly Restaurants

Classically simple, sandwiches are the perfect lunch food for kids. If you need a place to bring the kids (and their friends) to lunch, find the closest family-friendly lunch options for you. Discover the restaurants with the largest children’s menus, play areas, and short wait time to ensure a positive experience for the whole family.

Gourmet Sandwiches

If getting a sandwich means finding the best in town, don’t spend your whole life looking for it. We’ve found the best-rated, specialty lunch restaurants for you, so you can enjoy the highest quality experience. All you have to do is show up and indulge in the finest sandwich in town.

Local Favorites

Exploring a new area and wondering what’s recommended? The surefire way to find the best restaurant is to ask a local. If you don’t know any locals and are stuck finding reviews from other travelers, you don’t have to waste your time guessing what the locals love.

Our list of the highest-rated sandwich places in your area provides you with authentic and unique options, as well as the shops that offer creative touches like local music and art. Discover more of the culture by eating like a local, and know that you’re getting the awesome lunch you deserve.

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